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    Muzik : Ulas

    drops on my soul Blues


    Oyun (2008) 4:50" >> Download etmek icin tiklayin
    Muzik : Ulas , Selim , Yalcin , Berk

    Babamin kurdugu salincak,
    Hala yerinde duruyor mu ?
    Yol kenarinda kurdugum hayallerin uzerinden,
    neler gecti Anne ?
    Hala o yol duruyor mu ?
    Babamin elleri hala tutun kokuyor mu ?
    Ben kaybolduyum enkazdayim,
    Kirilmadik duslerim kalmadi.
    Beni duyuyormusun ?
    Beni hissediyormusun ?
    Hala beni ...
    Duyuyormusun ?

    Uzerimi cok kirlettim,
    Arinamamaktan korkuyorum.
    Burda butun pislikler uzerime sindi donemiyorum.
    Hayat siyah, karanlik demistin,
    ben korebe oynadigimi zannettim.
    Korkularimdan kacarken ,
    Ebelenmeden gecemedim...

    Middle_east 11:02" >> Download etmek icin tiklayin
    Muzik: Naki,Ulaş,yalçın,Selim

    Killer Usa soldiers came in Middle East
    people have been killing without any pain feeling
    for petroleum for gold
    there are a lot of dead men
    You have got a jesus
    but Jesus didn't say 'like this'
    and mother of Jesus
    Mother Nature won't forgive

    and see you in hell!!

    Middle East (War in the middle east) part-1-Intro - 00':00"-02':02"
    Middle East (Hejaz in the middle east) part-2 - 02':02"-07':00"
    Middle East (lament in the middle east) part-3 - 07':00"-09':59"
    Middle East (Hate in the middle east) part-4 - 09':59"-11':02"

    Some Day You'll Come Back To Me 03'33"
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    Muzik: Naki
    Sozler : Nilay Aydogan / Naki

    Sozler :

    Some day you'll come back to me
    Just wanna me to forgive you
    For the things you first do
    That time sky will be Black and cloudy
    The weather will be cold and rainy
    A smile will be on my face
    With all my caurages i'll say "no"
    i dedicated my life to break you
    Such as you throw my heart for money
    i'll say too late for the tears to me
    Than you labeled me

    if you know what i mean
    i never asked for giveness
    only for your dreams, you break me
    Only for money , only for treachery
    For this reason my heart pounds my chest
    Please don't smile when you think of me

    Find me 05':12" >> Download etmek icin tiklayin
    Muzik: Naki - Ulaş
    Sozler : Naki

    Find me [Part One] 00':00" - 3':56"
    Muzik: Naki - Ulaş
    Sozler : Naki
    Find me [Finally] 03'56"-05'-12"
    Muzik: Ulaş

    Sozler :

    Our new journey could be a hope
    new hopes,new faces,metropol
    If we live a deep shock in our personality
    We're losing-or we need love
    At first we cried for all these
    We're longing for the smell of earth
    It rained in metropol,concrete didnt smell...

    A new love is what we need,smell of a new love
    new melodies,sensible rhytms,
    Technology is the lord of metropol
    Melody is a 3-d lie here
    I wanted to say "lets go away"
    to the faces showing happiness with false mimicks
    Technologic rhytms yelling me "join us!"

    find me
    we always tought that we're used to...
    find me
    Human monster gets used to...
    find me...

    Loser' Run 5':30" >> Download etmek icin tiklayin
    Muzik: Ulaş - Selim - Yalçın
    Sozler : Naki

    Sozler :

    i will gladly make this sacrifice my curse
    Who is waited on hand and foot

    i've had enough of you
    i'm court death you after this
    Just when going you stake out me

    i wan't to rape you
    i wan't to hate you
    i wan't to taste you
    i wan't to fuck you

    i wan't to taste you
    i wan't to kill you
    'Cause i LOVE YOU

    i will come to you
    i will come to baby
    i will come to baby


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